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Enterprise level web-development under MODx Revolution

Enterprise level web-development under MODx Revolution.


With a plethora of content management systems to choose from, it can be hard justifying the best open-source option for your commercial enterprise. Thankfully not all CMS’s are built the same, most however adapt with varying degrees of capability. Depending upon your application it may make sense to forgo irrelevant bundled features for a more customized, regimented system. A tradeoff that places whats intimidating in the hands of backend administrators, leaving the content generators a less congested front-end environment to work within.

Another advantage to MODx is the ability to “build” a base structure (micro-templates), using only features applicable to your website. By starting with a clean-slate in preproduction and configuring parameters on a need only basis, you can streamline the process it takes to program and code entire sections of content. Dynamic stylesheets enable near site-wide control and when coupled with custom Template Variables the build possibilities become endless. Leaving you with a optimized, bulk-free finished product.

In most cases, mid-to-large scale business opt for enterprise level web development. Generally to solve prolonged load-time and cache issues tied to robust, complex, databases. Take for example our client’s Law Firm with over 300+ attorneys; each with their own independent bios. A roster with a sizable database that must handle calculations for tags, related services, practice chairs and additional information on the fly. Although most commercial grade CMS’s are equipped to handle this throughput, their SEO can be rather ineffective out of the box. Wherein MODx surpasses its competitors’ by making Search Engine Friendly, well, friendly!

In short, their are only a handful of CMS’s that are deemed capable. The complexities of Drupal tend to overwhelm most users. While some rather hack and modify blogging software like WordPress to act like a CMS, rather than be forced into portal-site interfaces like Joomla!. The simplicity of MODx is a blazingly fast alternative (under 1 sec page loads), which offers powerful flexibility with plenty of practical features. Buckled with the performance we’ve come to expect from modern web development; “fewest vulnerabilities amongst government security databases”. Does your CMS let you sleep at night? Check out Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney’s new website running under MODx (Revolution) here!

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